Beef Bibimbap in the park

Is anyone looking for a spicy hot lunch to eat while chilling in the spring heat? If yes then look no further than near Tottenham Court Road Station. There are multiple Korean restaurants near the station with great lunch and dinner variety.


I recently went to a new restaurant and ordered the Beef Bibimbap. This great dish contained a base layer of fluffy white rice topped with shredded carrots and bean sprouts. Other staples in the bowl were cabbage and veggies. It was topped off with a fried egg and a seasoned beef bulgogi with sesame seeds. Probably the best thing about it though was the Korean red pepper paste that completed the flavours in the bowl. I must say that it was not as spicy as I expected but it definitely had a kick to my sinuses.

The only thing missing was the KIMCHI!! You had to had to purchase this separately but for £1, the little pot was worth it. Everything was super tasty and very filling. For those of you on a lunch budget in Central London, you can get this dish for £4.50.


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