Asian-Style Quinoa Wrap

Rummaging through racks and piles of clothes at the East End Thrift Store in Whitechapel really worked up a sweat on the hottest day of 2016 (so far). After picking a black satin sleeveless top and shorts, two pairs of boyfriend jeans and a slightly oversized blazer for a bargain of £1 each, I was really looking forward to some food.I have not had many chances to try vegan food options, so I jumped at the chance when you vegan food loving colleague suggested going to the Gallery Café.

img_7658Located a short bus ride away, in-between Bethnal Green Underground and Cambridge Heath Overground Station was the charity-driven vegetation and vegan restaurant. Complete with a small garden out back and a large cherry blossom tree overhanging the picnic style tables out front, this small hotspot was found tucked away. It was right under the falling petals of the cherry blossom that the idea for the name of this food blog was born.

Looking for something mildly sweet on the seasonal variety menu, I ordered the Asian-Style Quinoa Wrap. Tucking start in it was easy to know the avocado was the star of this dish. Its creamy consistency worked really well with the slight popping feeling of the quinoa and crunchy carrot bits. The wrap was only slightly grilled but added a nice texture to the mix without giving way as you bit into it. I am still trying to figure out why this was an Asian inspired dish but I must have missed it in the lovely sauce drizzled on the inside. Nonetheless, throw in a can of the refreshing Elderflower Lemonade and I was really satisfied! I was even more pleased with the total price at around £10. The only downside was there was not enough filling.

img_7659For anyone looking to try a vegan food place in London, I would definitely recommend the Gallery Cafe. The added value for tourists and Londoners alike is that it is surrounded by vibrant art exhibitions, large open spaces and popular hangout areas.

Have a look for yourself at their menu at St. Margaret’s House website.



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