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Tavian Hunter


The Far Flung Foodie is a fun, laid-back and self-opinionated food review blog focused on providing content about foods from around the world to restaurant goers, keen travellers and foodies so that we all come out of our comfort zone and explore new foods and places.

The Far Flung Food was founded by Tavian Hunter in May 2016 as a blog to keep track of food reviews and restaurants visited on her travels from London, England to around the world.


Steadily collecting images of food, restaurants and places visited, it is easy to forget what is worth returning for and just where to come back to. This blog serves a journal for all these photographs and stories experienced by this young millennial traveller.

There a handful of food review blogs and websites online, but the goal is blog is to encourage others to experience a story around food and take the guess work out of choosing which restaurant to go and what food to order from a menu.

In 2017, the Far Flung Foodie became a dedicated blog, releasing weekly stories for your reading pleasure.


The Far Flung Foodie posts original photos (unless stated otherwise). We don’t mind if photos are republished on other sites as long as there is a link back to the website or the blog post from which the photo is taken.

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