Giraffe for lunch?

It was a blissfully warm and sunny Friday afternoon (which is surprising for London) when my colleagues and I went to the Brunswick Centre for lunch. There are quite a few establishments to choose from such as Carluccio's, Leon, Hare and Tortoise and new additions like Tossed! If you have diverse food preferences, Giraffe is … Continue reading Giraffe for lunch?

Asian-Style Quinoa Wrap

Rummaging through racks and piles of clothes at the East End Thrift Store in Whitechapel really worked up a sweat on the hottest day of 2016 (so far). After picking a black satin sleeveless top and shorts, two pairs of boyfriend jeans and a slightly oversized blazer for a bargain of £1 each, I was … Continue reading Asian-Style Quinoa Wrap