Salted caramel steak?

“I’m not imagining things, am I”? It has been a few weeks of drinking healthy fruit smoothies but here I was, eating a Flat Iron steak, that tasted unusually sweet.

img_0191So, let me backtrack a little. I was invited for dinner in Covent Garden by a friend. To my surprise, the restaurant, Flat Iron was right next to Sticks and Sushi. I really couldn’t believe that I had walked past it multiple times. It was probably because the exterior looked way too glam for me to walk into or maybe it was because the meat cleaver logo was not very memorable. Nonetheless, arriving at 6.30pm the biggest shocker was the hour-and-20 minute wait but I was not going to call it quits. Especially after hearing all the hype about the “one steak to die for” and the beef dripping popcorn. Yes, weird! I know but I really wanted to try it.img_0176

After our long wait close by, we finally got a table and out came the FREE popcorn as soon as we sat down. To be fair, the name is a bit misleading because they were not dripping in fat but generously coated in the taste of beef. I still can’t quite figure out if it was hunger or simply the taste that made the popcorn so highly addictive.

In the end, I ordered the Flat Iron (£15) with a small pot of peppercorn sauce (£1) accompanied with drippings chips batch (£3.50), special greens (£4) and a glass of Makrut Lime Caipirinha (£6).


I have to admit I had no idea that a Flat Iron was cut of steak from the shoulder of an animal until the waiter explained it to me. It was absolutely perfect! Well, it had to be as it was the signature steak and the only steak available that evening. Cooked medium rare this well-marbled steak was so tender, juicy and flavourful. Arriving on a small board it was well seasoned with some crunchy sea salt and a very distinctive taste that only reminded me of caramel. It was not caramelised in the slightest but the taste was unbelievably similar and utterly delicious.

Beef Drippings Chips was a slight letdown as like the popcorn the beef flavouring was not very strong but there was a faint taste. They were, however, crispy on the outside and perfect on the inside. The leafy salad on the side was nothing special but the special greens of branched asparagus was great for this meal. The watery crunch with the tender steak and the smoky peppercorn sauce all worked well together. If it wasn’t for all the talking at the table, I probably would not have needed the Caipirinha but it was good to wet the palette and have a sweet shot of alcohol.

img_0190After we finished our meal, we received a small mini cleaver with the bill. This could be traded in for a free ice cream, so we didn’t even need to worry about dessert. I was completely full but there is always room for the salted caramel ice cream with chocolate shavings.

So, how would I rate the evening? 10 out of 10! It was definitely in the top 3 of my most memorable steak experiences. Check out a Flat Iron near you.

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