Make me a fancy breakfast

Every so often you wake up feeling like you could eat something new. With such busy workday schedules, you might not have time in the morning to pamper yourself with fancy breakfast. So, on the weekend it is important for you to treat yourself. I have caught myself on this Saturday morning reminiscing about the time I had breakfast at the Bank on Collins in Melbourne.

 img_9539 img_9538 img_9540-1

Formerly the site of the Bank of Australasia, this historic building on 394 Collins Street, has been revamped into a restaurant named the Bank on Collins. It has a nice ambience with bar, open top kitchen and professional staff in the restaurant.

The choice of food was simply amazing and arriving at 10.30am we were given breakfast menus. It was immediately clear that service was a bit slow but the vegetation food we ordered made up for the wait.

First up was the Tropical Coconut & Pineapple Soaked Granola, topped with fresh strawberries and coconut sorbe ($10). This was chilled breakfast option that came in a small glass. It was super yummy and filling. The melting sorbe on the strawberries were a great first bite.

A warmer option of Vanilla Cinnamon Porridge topped with seasonal fruits was really the crème de la crème. I must admit that I felt quite misled as bananas and pears were not my first thought for “seasonal fruits”. Nonetheless, the consistency and taste were excellent and the extra side of milk and sugar were a plus.

Another great entree was the Honey, Cinnamon and Apple Bircher Muesli with poached seasonal fruits and pistachios ($13). This was a mix of texture and sweetness that just filled you up. It was especially tasty with a hot cup of green tea.

Obviously, not everyone is going to be able to go to the heart of Melbourne CBD for breakfast. The beauty of breakfast is that you can create you own healthy dishes at home. I recently had a browse through the shelves at Foyles and saw the book Superfood Breakfasts! packed with ideas such as ready-to-eat Bircher Muesli pots, that you can prepare the day before. A freshly released book for high protein breakfast enthusiasts is the 100 High Protein breakfast cookbook (only £3.99 on Kindle). It consists of sophisticated ideas to quick and easy recipes without breaking the bank. So, if you are looking for some new breakfast ideas to create yourself, check out these books:


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