Calling all cheese lovers!

I had heard all about nifty street food spots in Melbourne before but this was the first time seeing caravan in a dead end between two buildings. Located at 322 Little Collins Street, Chuckle Park is a vibrant and hip hangout spot. You can quite easily miss it hanging arranged flower gates but the picnic tables, grass floor with flying birds were very noticeable.

Chuckle Park’s menu boasts things like Pulled Pork Rolls with cabbage slaw and Mushroom Sanga. They also have Elotes which I found out was a Mexican grilled corn slathered with a spicy special chuckle sauce. Whatever that is, it sounded good. For this adventure, however, our group decided on antipasto board. Oh my oh, my! What a selection it was.

For $30, you get two kinds of cheese, cured meats served with wafer crackers, quince and local produce from the Chuckle Park deli. You definitely can go wrong with the camembert cheese and the blue cheeses. They were simply delicious on the crispy slices of bread. The tangy pickles were a nice touch to go with the cured meats. One of the biggest surprises for me was the quince cheese. The thick raspberry coloured jelly made from quince fruit tasted similar to a pear but sweeter as you would expect from preservative. I just could not get over how delicious it tasted on the wafers with a slice of regular cheese.

Now, the real reason I am reminiscing about this cheesy encounter is the recent news of the cheese theme bus tour rolling into London on June 9th. At £75 (talk about pricey), the appropriately named Cheese Bus has 72 places to take cheese-lovers to four dairy specialists in Cheshunt, Acton, Peckham and Bermondsey. If you want to be in with a chance to join the cheese tasting bonanza check for tickets on the London Food Month website.  They go on sale TODAY!

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