Cocktails & titbits

I have eaten at many Japanese restaurants in London but my favourite is still Taro. I dine there so often that quite embarrassingly some of the waiters remember my order of Cha shu Ramen with Gyoza. Every season, Taro has few changes to their menu and this summer it is all about their cocktails made with sake and shōchū .

For light and refreshing cocktails such as the Plum Sunrise it would be better to eat sushi to compliment the taste but I wanted mix up my palette a bit. So, I went for the complete opposite with some spicy kimchi, takoyaki drizzled in mayonnaise and a sweet deep fried potato with my main of Chicken Teriyaki Don. This was all so delicious but I completely overdid by ordering a large main. Taro give a generous servings and on this occasion the boiled white rice and crunchy chicken, which was more than enough to share between two people.

The combination of the cocktail and the deep fried food turned out to be excellent for summer’s day and I would recommend you to try all that Taro have to offer. Although my favourite branch at Old Compton Street is now closed, they have others in Brewer Street, Cannon Street and Balham. You can check out their branches and menus here.

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