Sticks’n’sushi: the reunion

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It has not been long but I am back again for round two of Sticks’n’Sushi. A friend of mine from my uni days was in town, so I persuaded her and our mutual friend to meet up for dinner.

They are not raw fish fans, so we decided to order the ‘upgrade menu’ which included an assortment of meats. For appetisers, we had edamame and crab croquettes with our drinks. Despite the croquettes being seated on a dollop of wasabi caesar dressing, it was not as hot as expected. The croquettes were delightfully squishy with a firm golden brown breadcrumb exterior and very well seasoned.

A few additions to my plate on this occasion was the maki duck wraps with goma-ae (sesame dressing). It was chilled, chewy and weirdly tasty. As we chewed I found it difficult to pinpoint just what the taste was in our mouths. It was not bad but not memorable either. One addition that I liked was seared salmon. It was perfect with the soy sauce  but if you are not a fan of slimey feeling food in your mouth, I would stay clear. We all had a surprising laugh at the nicely bundled nigiri of avocado. As we tentatively approached it, it turned out to be exactly as described – plain avocado on top of rice. No surprises there! The same could be said about the cheese wrapped in bacon.

The best of the food on the table had to be the chicken in chilli drip. As we took a bite, the sound “uhmm” was voiced in unison. It was sooooo tasty. The chicken was very tender and the chilli drip was of the right consistency and spice. However, the lamb chops which the largest potion on the table turned out to be the biggest disappointment of the evening. Although they had a smoked barbeque flavour, they lacked the necessary juice to make it perfect. They were unbelievably dry, tough to chew and the miso herb butter did not make it anymore pleasant.

As the evening wined down, it was time for dessert and it only made sense to go for the dessert mix option. From a choice of nine, you could try three little pots of desserts ranging from rhubarb/umeshu sorbet to white chocolate rice puff balls. I must say that the cheesecake was definitely not the best of the three we chose. There was a jelly-like blob on the top layer and it was surprising missing the typical cheesecake base layer. The chocolate cake on the other hand went down a treat. Last but not least, the mochi icecream had a high dose of matcha (which only I seemed to like) and it tasted great.

Sushi’n’Sushi definitely has a huge menu with a a range to match any tastebuds. However, it is not cheap, so I would only recommend it as a place for special occassions and with really good friends.

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