A spicy encounter by the sea

After a fun packed evening networking with librarians at the Jubilee Library, it was time for a light dinner. It has been a long time since I have travelled alone, so I took the opportunity to walk around Brighton and see what I could find.

Indian food would have been a good option but I ended up being drawn in by the multiple coloured restaurant, Wahaca. I have seen a few of them in London but never dined in one. The sign was a clear give away that it was Mexican food but I would not know how authentic the quality, as I have not been to Mexico. When I think Mexican food, what comes to mind is a large Chipotle burrito or the crazy Old el Paso adverts. I decided just to take the plunge and go in.

Immediately looking at the menu, it was not far away from what I had thought. A large portion of the menu was tortilla chips, tacos and burritos. However, they did have some fish options such as the MSC grilled cod fillet and Summer Specials of Chorizo and cheese taco (which was sold out when I arrived) and Devon Crab Tostada.


I decided to try the Pork Pibil Tacos which was pulled pork in special yucatecan marinade. It was a lot more spicy than I was expecting but seriously good. I ended up wolfing down quite a few tortilla chips with the chilled guacamole dip. The flavours were just excellent.


The waiter did tell me to choose a 2-3 options from the “street food” section but the two was quite filling. Probably because my stomach could not handle anymore spice but I still got a caramel salted ice cream.


I would really recommend this restaurant for when you are with friends. The atmosphere was definitely a fun vibe and the sharing potions are excellent.

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