A typical pub lunch

After a morning tour of the Victoria and Albert Museum Archives, I was in need of a spot of lunch. In the afternoon,  I was to catch a train to Brighton for a conference so, what better place to eat than around Victoria Station. I have to admit that there were not many sit-down restaurants in the station. Most likely to because the station is so busy and to avoid missing your train. However, I was in the real mode for a hot lunch in a seated area. I spotted a Wetherspoon in among McDonalds and Starbucks and I just thought to myself that “it was going to have to be a typical pub lunch day”.

Wetherspoon has a family friendly dining experience with usually a speedy service and relatively good food. The problem with cheap chain restaurants like this one is that the taste of food can be dramatically different at each franchise. On this occasion it was a bit of a hit-and miss. I ordered a lasagne accompanied by a free glass of Pepsi and a salad with added chips for the grand total of £8.89. The lasagne was very well done with a nicely seasoned British Beef. It was hot, moist and topped with a generous amount of cheese which just melted in my mouth. On the other hand, the chips were a big disappointment for me. Although cooked and golden brown, they tasted as if they came straight out of a bag of frozen oven chips. I got a bite of a few well-cooked chips but the majority was just a mouthful of non-thawed floury/fluffy potatoes.

I never thought I would say that the salad saved my lunch but it really did. The chipped bowl (did not go a miss) was filled with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and lettuce served with little tub of dressing. It was full of balsamic vinegar flavour and delightfully crunchy. As it should be! After all, you cannot really get salad wrong. Can you?

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